Make plan to open lockdown in a phased manner : Yogi

- Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath holds meeting with Team-11

- Take help of NGOs and others in the task of food distribution : Chief Minister yogi

- Establish a collection centre for food distribution : yogi

Lucknow. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said if the lockdown opens from April 15, then at that time people stranded in different places will try to return. Under these circumstances, it will be very challenging to adhere to social distancing. In order to deal with such situation, prepare an action plan from now on. Prepare an action plan about when and how the schools, colleges, different markets and malls will re-open after the lockdown, said the CM.

While holding a meeting with Team-11 at his government residence here on Friday, the Chief Minister  asked the officials to ensure that food is delivered to the needy on time. For this, seek help of voluntary organizations also, he said. In coordination with the DMs of the concerned districts, nutritious food of Anganwadi should also be sent door to door.

The Chief Minister said that we have to prepare at two levels. Develop a strategy in view of the current situation and future condition. Operate community kitchens in every district, and take help of voluntary organizations and other people who want to support. Establish a collection centre so that everyone does not go out to distribute food. Collect food there and then proceed for distribution, he said.

In view of future preparations, prepare volunteers from the NSS, NCC, Scouts and Youth Mangal Dal. Train them to prevent infection of Corona and also what steps to be taken during infection. They will be helpful in supply of food and essential goods, and also vital for us when the infection increases.

Prepare doctors’ list for treatment
The Chief Minister said that during the Corona infection, doctors of anesthesia, physicians, and women and child specialists are needed most. Make a list of how many doctors in the private sector have related expertise. Train them so that their help can be taken when needed. Likewise, similar training is also needed for their paramedical staff and doctors of AYUSH department. Make a list of how many beds and ventilators could be made available in private hospitals if needed.

We will create one thousand crore Corona care fund
The government will create a Corona care fund of one thousand crore rupees. With this fund, facilities for testing labs will be provided and arrangements will be made for treatment equipment like ventilators, masks, sanitizers, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) etc.. Not only will the government help with this fund, but help will also be taken from the corporate houses under the Corporate Social Responsibility. Efforts will be made to provide checking facilities in every division and all 24 government medical colleges.

*Prepare Khadi masks with the help of SHG*

Department of Micro, Small and Medium Industries should ensure that the production of essential commodities takes places in the state itself. It will lower the cost and their availability will also increase. Prepare  masks with Khadi cloth that can be reused. For this purpose, take help of women's self-help groups. This will help in promoting Khadi besides helping women get employment at local level and the users will be able to make it a part of their habit if they get the mask at cheaper rate.

*Be strict against people who do not cooperate*

The CM asked the officials to convey a strong message to those who violate social distancing in the lockdown. “An incident like Indore should not happen anywhere in UP. File cases against such people under the Disaster Act. Those who disagree with the government, keep them under strict supervision. Take strict action against all those who created chaos in Ghaziabad hospital,” he said. If someone runs away from quarantine, then make the administration there accountable. Make large buildings such centres instead of primary schools. Make a list of people who are doing better work during lockdown. The government will honor such people when the situation becomes normal. Strictly curb black marketing and hoarding. If the essential goods are available at a higher price from the wholesale market itself, then take action against the accused.

Chief Secretary RK Tiwari along with other members of Team-11 was also present at the meeting. The Chief Minister also took feedback of the actions taken by the team.